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Malabar has been at the forefront of lactase dietary supplementation for over forty years. 

A vision that began more than 40 years ago by an expert authority . . . an individual suffering from the symptoms of lactose intolerance in dire need of a product to provide relief. 

In 1976 after a great deal research and testing, Malabar Formulas introduced Super Milk Digestant, the first milk digestant tablet available to aid in the digestion of milk and dairy products for those afflicted with lactose intolerance.  Consumers raved about the results Super Milk digestant product provided. 

Later, our second milestone was reached.  A revolutionary formula and yet another first, Complete Milk Digestant. Our premium formula, Complete Milk Digestant is multi-enzyme formula that aids in the digestion of not only the lactose in milk and dairy products, but also the proteins and fats contained in these products. 

Over the years our focus has remained on milk digestants and through the voice of our customers we believe our products are the best in the marketplace.

Our products are:

  • Effective

  • Natural

  • Safe

  • Convenient

  • Economical

Now you too, can enjoy the wonders of milk and milk products.  Malabar, the original Milk Digestant and still the product of choice.